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“User Data Deletion”


Eye-Catcher is active in the digital signage business.  This means that we provide display screens to our clients with content management software.  The screen(s) located at the client site, will display the content selected by the clients.

Eye-Catcher is not responsible for the content that is being displayed, as the client is handling and defining the content that is being displayed.


Deletion process

Eye-Catcher wants to ensure that our application users (i.e. our clients) understand that when they delete data in the content management software, the data is effectively deleted on our storage devices withing 24h:  The data is deleted at Combell (hosting provider) in real time and on the storage device of the screens (if client did not disconnect screens from internet) within 24 hours.

The backups will be deleted within maximum 1 month.

Personal data (name, address, invoices, email) registered in our accounting systems will be deleted once local legislation permits.  Please contact us by mail: 

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